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Forensics Investigation of Deleted Files in a Drive

First of all download the OSForensics from here.

Select Create Signature Option. Click on Config .

Now browse the desired Directory from Directory list management, in my case I am selecting Desktop.

 Click on Add to list Option to include the directory. Click OK.

Now in start folder option, it will show us the selected Drive i.e. c:\users\raj\desktop. Click on the Start Option.

 It will ask for the File Name, enter the File Name & click on Save. So signature for data drive will be created.

Now does some modification in data drive and repeat the same steps to create another signature after modifications in data drive.

Now click on Compare Signature Option.

Browse both files i.e. Old Signature as well as New Signature Option.

Click on Compare option .It will start the process. Now it will show us the files with their modification status as well as their creation and modification date. We can select show option to see only modified or deleted files.

Now it will show only deleted or modified files with their creation and deletion date.

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Extract the metadata Information of Any website using Foca

FOCA (Fingerprinting Organizations with Collected Archives) is a tool used mainly to find metadata and hidden information in the documents its scans. These documents may be on web pages, and can be downloaded and analyzed with FOCA.

It is capable of analyzing a wide variety of documents, with the most common being Microsoft Office, Open Office, or PDF files, although it also analyzes Adobe, In Design or SVG files, for instance.

First of all, download the FOCA from the given below link.

Now click on Project & then select New Project.

Now enter the Project Name, name of the website and name of the folder where we have to save the documents and click on create to proceed further.

Now enter the name of the file where documents will be saved and click on save.

Now it will show Document collecting window, click on Search All option.

Now it will show the list of documents. Now right click on the URL and click on Download to save it in the specified folder.

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